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ECOSS helps Ecoyards with spill prevention plan

Posted on February 24th, 2013 by Andy

logoOne of the great things about doing business in Seattle is the number of resources available to help businesses improve on environmental practices. We recently had a consultant from ECOSS (Environmental Coalition of South Seattle) come out to help us improve our spill prevention practices.

spill kit, seattle

Ecoyards’ new spill response kit.

ECOSS is a nonprofit that works toward improving the environment and provides education, resources and technical assistance to businesses and communities. One of its fields of expertise is stormwater pollution prevention. The group provides free, confidential services. We recommend it to other businesses.

The group, working with Seattle Public Utilities and other groups, offers free emergency spill cleanup materials and spill contingency plans to Seattle businesses. ECOSS helped us prepare a spill prevention plan and gave us free spill skits for our trucks and warehouse located along the Duwamish in West Seattle. The spill kits are 6.5 gallon buckets that include absorbent booms, absorbent pads, goggles and other items.

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