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Maintain your sprinkler system to save water and money

Posted on August 24th, 2012 by Andy

Regular tune-ups and cleaning can extend the life of your sprinkler heads. Photo by Ecoyards.

Does your sprinkler system need a tune-up? Does it leak, spray water where it shouldn’t, spit out air, or has simply stopped working? Just like a water heater, furnace or other appliance in your home, sprinkler systems need regular tune-ups to keep them working properly. If you inspect your system regularly, you can catch problems early. Contact Ecoyards for help with your irrigation repairs.

Clogged sprinklers. Dirt and debris can clog sprinklers and may affect your sprinkler’s performance.

Leaky sprinklers. Sprinklers can leak when a head or valve is cracked, damaged or not working properly. Seals also wear out over time and need to be replaced. Leaks can lead to loss of pressure of your overall sprinkler system, and this can result in overly dry or over-saturated spots in your lawn or landscape. Plants and grass, over time, can also grow and cover a sprinkler head, blocking it from functioning properly.

Sprinklers that overspray. This is a common problem we see: sprinklers that spray water properly but not in the right area. You may be spraying a sidewalk, driveway or path rather than grass or plants. If your sprinkler isn’t spraying water where it needs to, it’s time to check it. You may need to reposition it, adjust the arc and radius of your sprinkler, or make some other sprinkler repair. Sometimes though, the initial sprinkler design may be what’s causing the problem, and you may deuced to replace your system.

Pipe leaks. One sign of possible pipe leaks underground is when you have water ponding in certain areas, or if you’re experiencing low pressure in the system. It may take a little detective work to figure where the leak is, but start by looking for areas that are much greener than others. Large leaks below ground will require some digging. You’ll need to dig up the area and repair or replace the pipe.

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