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Composting, mulching with coffee grounds

Posted on January 15th, 2009 by Phuong

If you are coffee-addicted like me and the Ecoyards crew, you probably end up with a lot of coffee grounds left over. You could toss it in with yard waste, but why not add coffee grounds to your compost pile or mulch acid-loving plants?coffee

Mulching helps keep weeds down and retain moisture. Coffee grounds are very acidic, so use it judiciously and only on acid-loving plants such as azaleas, rhododendrons and blueberries. Don’t lay it on too thick, and mix it in with the soil.

Better yet, add coffee grounds to your compost pile and let it help break down other yard waste and turn it into rich organic matter that you can then use in your yard. Composting requires a balance of nitrogen-rich “greens” and carbon-rich “browns.” Coffee grounds are, despite common logic, a “green,” like vegetable waste, fresh leaves, alfalfa pellets, or fresh grass clippings. “Browns” provide carbon and include fallen leaves, newspaper, wood chips or straw. The city of Seattle offers good tips for how to backyard compost.

At Ecoyards, we practice mulch-mowing, or “grasscyling,” when we mow lawns, so we’re always a little short of “greens” to add to our home compost pile. That’s where coffee grounds come in handy.

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