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Water Features

Water features are a dynamic way to add movement, sound, and interest to your landscape. Fountains, ponds or a small babbling brook can add tranquility to an outdoor living space, in addition to attracting birds and other wildlife. There are a variety of water features that go beyond the traditional koi pond, and homeowners now have a plethora of options that don’t require excess maintenance or take up too much space in the backyard. Pondless waterfalls, or disappearing waterfalls, are a great low-maintenance option, and are currently all the rage — with good reason. Ecoyards has developed artistic techniques to build water features blend in naturally with surrounding landscapes. Be sure to checkout our photo gallery of water features recently installed by Ecoyards.

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Pondless waterfall in West Seattle

Pondless waterfall in West Seattle

Pondless waterfalls

Pondless waterfalls, or disappearing waterfalls, allow you to enjoy the benefits of a cascading waterfall without having to deal with the excess maintenance and safety concerns associated with open ponds. No pond means no fish to take care of, no green slimy mold to clean out, no mosquitoes, and no water to refill. They’re becoming increasingly popular among our Seattle-area clients.

So how does it work? Water flows from the upper falls, and instead of being held in a still open pond, it pours into a lined basin that is dug in the ground and filled with rocks and gravel. The water is pumped from the bottom of the basin up to the top of the falls, creating a continuously recirculating flow of water.

Recirculating fountains

Recirculating bubbling fountains are similar in design to pondless waterfalls using recirculating water with a pondless basin, except the water is pumped from the hidden basin up through a fountain piece, such as a cored basalt column, urn, or cored boulder.

Bubblers are nice in that they require even less space than a pondless waterfall, yet they still provide movement, sound, and interest to your landscape.

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